Monaghan Street

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Monaghan Street. The Monaghan Town Centre Regeneration Project which will see The Diamond, Dublin Street and Old Cross Square areas undergo a major environmental enhancement.

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Flexiprobe CCTV System

The P350 flexitrax is engineered to operate in almost any environment. From residential and small commercial uses to specialist plant municipal applications we can provide the current most advanced pipeline inspections. The command module and drum have a weatherproof rating of IP53. The tough, yet light-weight controller provides a durable buffer between the elements and the survey data which we offer you. It allows us to zoom and rotate photos and live and recorded digital video in real-time.

Hiring Plant Equipment

Combining these features we can easily and efficiently identify problems even in the toughest conditions. Stored directly onto Compact Flash Cards your data can be conveniently transferred to your laptop or PC. We will also provide you with a comprehensive report that includes still pictures, observations and all other relevant details.

Flexiprobe CCTV System  
CCTV In Pipe CCTV System
CCTV Camera CCTV Operation Console